Appreciate the fine art of auto body repair

Because your vehicle has a colour-code that has to be matched exactly, we use a computer programme called “Wizard” to mix the paint. Although the computer determines the formula of the paint, human expertise is still required to do it all to perfection.

We prepare your vehicle with a “dry-flatting system” before it gets painted.

This means that no water is used in the preparation prior to painting. In the respray it gets 3 – 4 layers of paint and is “baked” in an “oven” for approximately 20 minutes at the maximum temperature of 80⁰C.

As soon as the booth reaches its temperature it switches off, the paint is dry and your vehicle painted, all this within 20 minutes! Affected areas are primed to perfection using quality products.

All paint work is polished and buffed to brilliant lustre.